Mizuki FX

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Mizuki FX
Name Mizuki FX
Image Mizuki FX.jpeg
Device type Microcatheter
Coating Hydrophilic
Outer diameter tip (Fr) 1.7
1.7 Fr
0.51 mm
Outer diameter distal (Fr) 1.7
1.7 Fr
0.51 mm
Outer diameter proximal (Fr) 2.5
2.5 Fr
0.75 mm
Inner diameter tip (inch) 0.017
0.017 inch
0.432 mm
Inner diameter shaft (inch) 0.022
0.022 inch
0.559 mm
Usable length (cm) 135, 150
Manufacturer Kaneka
Product page Link

Mizuki FX is a microcather from Kaneka. Compared to the standard Mizuki microcatheter, it has a shorter tip (3 cm), longer tapered tip (6 cm) and smaller tip outer (1.7 Fr) and inner diameter (0.017 inch), making it a more flexible microcatheter.