Fielder XT-A

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Fielder XT-A
Name Fielder XT-A
Image Fielder XT-A.jpeg
Device type Guidewire
Class CTO
Tip coating Polymer jacket, Hydrophilic
Shaft coating Polymer jacket, Hydrophilic
Tip load (gf) 1.0
1 gf
Tip diameter (inch) 0.010
0.01 inch
0.254 mm
Tip cross-sectional area (mm2) 0.051
0.051 mm²
Penetration force (gf/mm2) 19.7
19.7 gf/mm²
Core Composite
Tip shape Straight tapered
Shaft diameter (inch) 0.014
0.014 inch
0.356 mm
Radiopaque length (cm) 16
16 cm
Spring coil length (cm) 16
16 cm
Usable length (cm) 190, 300
Manufacturer Asahi Intecc
Product page Link

Fielder XT-A is a CTO guidewire from Asahi Intecc. It has a tapered tip that is coated with a polymer jacket and slipcoat coating. It has a tip load of 1.0 gf. See Fielder XT-R for a list of differences between Fielder XT-R.