Eagle Eye Platinum IVUS catheter

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Eagle Eye Platinum IVUS catheter
Name Eagle Eye Platinum
Image 200px
Device Type IVUS
Transducer Mechanism Fixed phase array ultrasound
Transducer Frequency (Mhz) 20
Axial Resolution (µm) 80
80 µm
Maximum Diameter Penetration (mm) 10
Sheath Compatibility (F) 5
Maximum Guiding Catheter Compatibility (F)
Maximum Guidewire Compatibility (inch)
Guidewire Lumen Length (cm) 24
24 cm
Entry Profile (inch) 0.019
0.019 F
Imaging Window Profile (F) 3.5
3.5 F
Crossing Profile (F) NA
"NA" is not a number.
Catheter Telescoping Length (mm) NA
Sled Pullback Length (mm) NA
Tip to Transducer Distance (mm) 10
Distal Marker to Transducer (mm) NA
Working Length (cm) 150
150 cm
Hydrophilic Coating GlyDx
Manufacturer Phillips
Product Page Link

Eagle Eye Platinum is an intracoronary imaging catheter from Phillips.